Web PO for Sage 200
What is Web PO?

Web PO allows end users to quickly create Purchase Orders directly into Sage 200 via a web interface without having a user licence for Sage 200.

Who Should use Web PO?

• Companies that have many more users who should be entering
     POs than they have licences for Sage 200.

• Web PO doesn't require additional licences for Sage 200.

• Users working remotely who need a simple interface for purchase
     order entry.

Main Features & Benefits

• Access real-time data from the Sage 200 Suite

• Mimics Sage 200 purchase order processing

• View stock levels, supplier details and purchase orders

• Integrates with Project Accounting in Sage 200

• Access via iPad

• Can be designed to customer's own look and feel

How does it work?

It's so easy you can demo it yourself. Download the userguide to see how Web PO works.

To find out more about our Sage 200 Addons please contact us on Eureka Solutions 01355 581960


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  User Guide

How much does it cost?

Get an instant quote using our RRP calculator. Simply enter the number of users required and click calculate.

Bundle Price

Web Purchase Order and Sales Order bundles are available. Contact us for more information and pricing.







For 100 users and over or any further pricing information please contact Allan James on Eureka Solutions 01355 581960